Tuesday, July 10, 2012

watson's favorite park.

steve and i have been busy trying to soak up all the things we love about Provo before we leave tomorrow. but amid all the eateries and people we love- we decided we just couldn't let Watson miss out on all the fun.  after all, his most formative months will have been spent in provo. he needs the memories. we took him to his favorite park and romped around in the grass for a while. we wrestled, played fetch, modeled {watson loves the camera} and chased after unsuspecting runners. i would say it went off quite splendidly. we couldn't have asked for a better farewell!


  1. You and watson are adorable! It looks so beautiful there!

  2. He's so grown up! What a cute family.

  3. i have a question! I never been pregnant, well i'm tiny 15 so anyway...
    how does it feel to be pregnant and lay on your tummy, is it wierd. just wondered...

  4. He's so cute! Looks like he had an absolute blast :)

    Good luck with the move!


  5. Enjoy being able to lie down on your tummy while you can, it won't last much longer! :) Good luck with the move!!!


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