Monday, July 30, 2012

Watson's grand NYC adventure.

we had SUCH a great time in NYC this weekend.

it was just a quick trip (friday afternoon-sunday morning)and it was just what we needed!

we got to see some great friends, eat at some of our favorite restaurants (some new ones too) and reacquaint ourselves with a city we have grown to love!

i think watson especially enjoyed the plethora of food on the ground (that mom wasn't quick enough to get him not to eat) and kids willing to pet him in the park.

a big thank you to Dan & Becca for hosting us! 
you guys are the best.

the proper way to hold a corgi.

top to bottom:

-our first glimpse of the city driving in
-watson enjoying the general hustle and bustle in midtown- yes we drove through midtown. don't we deserve some kind of award?
-watson and steve touring columbia's campus
-watson and Aslan. kind of.
-me and the little lady at central park west x2
-shake shack. no explanation needed
-the cutest little indie theatre we found in soho- a great place to see Bernie. hilarious.
-becca and i getting snacks on the street
-tommy, steve and dan at dinner
-becca, me and amanda at dinner- brunettes for life.


  1. so much fun! and seriously.. how cute are you?!

  2. your cuteness is killing me! Ahhhhh :) So happy for you guys!


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