Monday, August 27, 2012

date night.

for date night this week we moseyed on down to the north end for some good italian food and of course, cannoli.

I know it's super touristy- and now that we "live" here we should probably find some cool niche that nobody knows about, 

but we kind of love it down there much better can you get than Mike's Pastry?

at least that's how we felt on saturday night.

mostly I just loved hanging on my honey's arm, listening to the Godfather soundtrack being played via the accordion on the corner and watching the reflection of the sunset on the skyscrapers downtown.

it was pretty dreamy. 

take me back?


  1. The Godfather music + cannolis sound like THE perfect date night!

  2. some people say modern pastry is the best, some say mike's pastry is the best.

    1. I have to admit that Modern pastry is my favorite.

  3. Ahhh, how could I have forgotten about Mike's Pastries??? I visited Boston one summer during high school and Mike's Pastries was one of my Boston favorites :)


  4. We didn't care if it was touristy, we went to Mike's all the time when we lived there! So yummy! My favorite take-out date night involved pasta dishes from Dinos and pastries from Mike's. Bring it home, curl up with a movie: the BEST when it gets cold! :)

  5. Enjoy these date nights! They will be few and far between in the near future :) You look great!

  6. You are quite possibly the most beautiful pregnant lady I've seen in my life! You and your sweet hubs have great style. I can only imagine what a neat kid you'll have. Congrats and best wishes to your growing babe!

  7. OBSESSED with your skirt! where from??

    why are you always so dang cute too!?

    rock that bump!


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