Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Happy List.

It's Friday-

and because it's Friday

and because sometimes I forget how many blessings I have

*que the funk I was in two nights ago

I'm making a happy list.

So here it goes...

Things that made me happy this week.

fresh flowers in my home

finding out that Watson was sniping food out of his bag somehow-so I didn't have to be worried about him not eating the food in his dish. (that pup)

$1.50 hot dogs from Costco. If we're being really honest here.

weather cool enough to wear my poncho.

finishing the baby's dresser. and loving the color I chose.

hugs from my husband when I pick him up from the station at night (even when it's not until 10:30)

finally giving into taking a nap everyday. The third trimester guys- it's a doozy.

feeling baby girl kick and roll around in my belly. I never get sick of it.

Happy Weekend!


  1. those flowers are gorgeous! and i love the dresser color your picked, it's perfect! 3rd trimester - you're almost there! :) -jen

  2. I refinished the same dresser for our changing table! Love the color you chose

  3. too cute! way to go for being positive. it's hard sometimes, so making lists is a good thing :)

  4. You look so gorgeous. (: Can't wait to meet your baby!

  5. wow! What a lovely dresser! I may have to copy the color when I get pregnent :) it just makes me happy to look at!

  6. You definitely chose THE perfect color for your baby girl's dresser!Love it so much!


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