Thursday, August 23, 2012


re-thinking our decision to move during pregnancy

our cute little brick home

the kitchen!

straightening my hair...for the first time in two years

salted caramel ice cream. i die. 

whole wheat choco chip pancakes

the beginnings of our nursery!

the chocolate stain on my white shirt... before 10 am. I don't want to talk about it.

falling in love with Cambridge

a cute puppy i found on the side of the road. (just kidding)

my new friends for the kitchen!

beanie my sister got for our "future baby" in Peru a couple of years ago

comfy pregnancy outfit.

and that's what my iphone has to say about Boston so far.

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  1. Your house looks lovely! :) And so do you, miss!!

  2. Okay, 1.Tour home looks so cute and charming!
    2.You look so much like your sister in the last picture!

  3. Your kitchen seriously makes me so happy. :) So much cute!

  4. love your brick house!
    ps: we have a painting giveaway (for your house?) on our blog this week - join if you are inetersted ;-)

  5. you have the cutest baby bump lady... just perfect!

  6. Too much cuteness to comment on in one post!! The bump is coming along so nicely and I love your fashion choices. You have given me some preggy styling ideas yay! The nursery is looking adorable and I think those pancakes are my new preggy craving.

  7. you looks so great and you make me want to make more effort with my pregnancy outfits--waist belts will be my friend if it kills me ;)


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