Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My baby brother is 18.

Today, my little brother is 18. 

wow. I can't believe it!

Now, everyone excuse this sentimental trip down memory lane. 

I'm pregnant and hormonal and crying already. Oh the things this blonde brother of mine does to me!

Move over Ryan Lochte! 

Zane, you are a special soul. You always have been-ever since you were born. You are a peacemaker, always one to want everyone to be happy. Which is quite a feat considering the three spitfires God gave you for sisters. One of the biggest blessings of being the oldest sibling is the ability to watch my siblings grow up and mature. Heck, I still remember consoling Taylor the day you were born (she wasn't happy about having a brother instead of a sister, don't worry, she got over it)! I've been able to watch you grow from your days of streaking naked through the house during my sleepovers and riding your stuffed sheep like a bull to giving speeches at your high school graduation and taking lucky girls on dates. I've always felt we had a special relationship and I treasure it. I'm grateful for all the long hours we put in together on the ranch. I'm so glad that we share that love as a part of our heritage. You have such a strong spirit. Sometimes I can't believe just how good you are. I'm so proud of the decisions you've made and the man you're growing up to be. You've never lost your kindness or your standards through the hazy maze that is adolescence. Even when everyone around you did. You stayed strong and and didn't even hide it! How many kids- even adults- can say that? 

 I love that you love my husband as a brother.

 I love that you got so giddy and excited when we got a dog... and even more excited when you found out we were having a baby. 

I love that you are just as nerdy about fantasy literature as I am. 

I love that we can quote Madagascar quotes via text message all day long.

I love you Zane.

Happy Birthday.

Enjoy that crossbow you got yourself- you quirky, cute kid.

P.S. I am still referring to you as a kid even though you're technically an adult now. That's just the way it is //

P.S.S. Yes ladies, he is single //


  1. Jess.
    #1 I love you and can't wait to be your baby girls uncle. We do share a special connection as siblings to this ranch and I plan to make sure we always have that.
    #2- It's a longbow ;)
    #3- Can't you see you've insulted the freaks! :)

  2. I LOVE this!! Siblings are the best gift any parent can give their kids! My brother, sister and I have definitely had our fights, but gosh I love em'!! This is the sweetest post!!
    Happy Birthday, Zane!!!


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