Tuesday, August 07, 2012

on feeling cute while pregnant. and being unabashedly girly.

*disclaimer: I am not claiming to be some kind of fashion expert-or even "fashionable" for that matter. These are just my own musings (used mainly for documentation). I am also not saying that you need to focus on being cute when pregnant- pregnancy is beautiful in and of itself. This is just something that is important to me personally.

Hi! Can I just say that it's hard to feel cute when pregnant? Between you ever expanding midsection, crazy hormonal pregnancy acne, heartburn and nausea.... pregnancy has the potential to make one feel less than their normal beautiful selves. Isn't it ironic?? You're doing the most beautiful thing in life (in my opinion) creating a life- but sometimes you feel far less than beautiful...or maybe this is just me!

I'm the kind of girl that really likes to feel cute and as I've progressed through this thing called pregnancy I've discovered some things that allow me to do just that. Which in my opinion, is some kind of feat. Here are a couple of my humble discoveries. 

1. Make up.

I'm usually not one for a ton of make-up. In fact, my summers are usually spent make-up free! But I've found that make-up is one of those things that can make me feel instantly prettier even when my body is going CRAZAY. So whether it's some plum lipstick, cat eye eyeliner or simply foundation and blush- I try to put some kind of make up on everyday (even if Steve is the only person who'll see it). This totally helps me feel girly and cute with minimal effort. It also helps me feel better about my less than perfect pregnancy skin!

2. Fashion choices.

I've found that there are certain kinds of clothing that are definitely more flattering on my pregnant body than others! It's kind of funny, but I think I probably wore more maternity clothing at the beginning of my pregnancy! I was so sick that anything hugging my mid-section was off-limits. Seriously. Even a tighter t-shirt would send me running to the bathroom. leggings? Forget about it. Maternity clothes and the 3 loose fitting maxi dresses I own were my best friends. Now that I'm safely in the blessed second trimester (which didn't really start for me until about 20 weeks- I don't wish that on my worst enemy) I've been able to explore more of my closet. Blessings. My first trimester I probably felt the least cute, now that my belly really pops out and I have a better handle in the fashion department I feel much prettier. Backwards? Who knows. That's just how it's been for me! Here are a few clothing items that have worked for me.

-skinny jeans and leggings: rubber bands are my best friends! I still fit into most of my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans with the help of those blessed little things! I just have to make sure to wear a long enough shirt/ undershirt! I've found that skinny pants (jeans or leggings) really help to emphasize the smaller part of your body (your legs) and that cute little bump! They help create that illusion of straight lines down your body- making you look longer and leaner. They also happen to be pretty dang comfortable- especially in the case of leggings and stretchy jeans!

-cardigans, blazers, etc: These also help create that straight line illusion. I love wearing a cardigan, blazer or even botton down shirt over a more form fitting t-shirt or tank top. It really emphasizes my little belly in a more flattering way. In the case of looser cardigans or button downs I love to add a waist belt. This also helps me to feel slightly smaller.

-high heels: as my sister will attest-i usually hate high heels. I'm much more of a flats kind of girl, but there's something about high heels that is just so flattering, especially on pregnant women. in my opinion. I discovered this from a woman that went to our church in NYC last summer. She was 9 months pregnant and seriously ROCKED sky-high platform wedges every Sunday at church. She was like a pregnancy goddess. Although I know this isn't an option for everyone- with swelling and whatnot- I've really tried to wear heels more often when pregnant and I love the length it gives me. I feel longer and leaner and generally more pretty. I still haven't been able to stomach the stilettos, but I'm all about a good wedge. They're much more comfortable and totally doable for me and my less than certain center of gravity.  

Well there it is, my recipe for cuteness 26 weeks into pregnancy!  Hopefully these continue to work (somewhat) into the third trimester! Last stretch! I really do love this new body of mine. It's so amazing to be a part of the creation of this little girl. I just know that for me, it's easier to enjoy the journey if I can feel cute while doing it! Ha! Should I be admitting that? Is that shallow? Maybe so.... but there you have it. I guess I'm just unabashedly girly, pregnant or not!


  1. I've been reading your blog for a little while and i just had to comment to throw in my two cents!

    I had my Henry 5 weeks ago today, and I think it is even harder to feel pretty as a new mom! But, I had such an easy pregnancy and never felt more beautiful than when I was pregnant... Maybe some of your ideas can apply to new moms as well: makeup, finding flattering clothes, etc...

    Thanks for sharing! And congrats on the baby girl. As amazing as pregnancy was, seeing and loving your baby on the outside is even better!

  2. Jess, I am loving this post! I have felt the same way, like it is even more important for me to feel cute because pregnancy can make you feel blah real fast. Love it, work those printed pants!

  3. good advice! I'm still trying to figure out everything myself but I'm finding more and more that maternity clothes are better to stay away from. There's so many cheaper and cuter options just by wearing more draping flowing tops and definitely wearing heels.


  4. You are beautiful. Drop dead beautiful. It is amazing to me that you got even more beautiful when pregnant. Don't be ashamed of being girly or beautiful! I am missing you and that pregnant belly mucho these days. Hopefully an East Coast trip will be in our future soon. Love you lady, I want to hear all pregnancy and baby updates blogged!

  5. Pregnant or not, this outfit is perfect! And your hair and makeup is gorgeous too.


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