Friday, August 17, 2012

on no internet for a week and LOTS of boxes.

Phew. We've officially moved in!

I've decided that moving is significantly less enjoyable when you're pregnant.

nevertheless- we did it!

and after a week of no internet- we're finally here to share!

I'm so proud of myself, considering....

all the boxes in the subsequent photos are gone

 our house is 80% livable (we still need a couch/ dining table....we're getting there)

the nursery is already taking form

 crib and all!

set up by yours truly.

I'm just going to go ahead and give my pregnant self a pat on the back right now.

below is a documentation of our traditional- glass of Martinellis the first night we move into a new apartment. ignore the less than flattering photo of me at the end. self-timer doesn't allow for well planned photography.


  1. CONGRATS!! :) You look sooo good Jess! (:


  2. Steve looks epic in that second to last foto.
    You two are lucky duckies. :)

  3. I cant wait to see pics of the whole place set up! A) I love the Boston pride (hat) and B) Steve has a really great head of hair!! Look at the second pic down again!! AMAZING!

  4. whoops....i just realized its a coke hat not Boston....I have no idea why i tought that....cute none the less :)

    1. Brogan- I really SHOULD have a Red Sox hat on! Apparently they're a pretty big deal out here ;) It would only be fitting!

  5. Wow, congrats and great job! I can't even handle moving when NOT pregnant. So kudos on that! Can't wait to see everything setup!

  6. Congrats,again!You two are the cutest!And make sure you put your feet up and rest for a little while,you deserve it little mama!

  7. congrats! i am glad everything is coming together for you and i am sure you will be all unpacked in no time :)


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