Tuesday, August 28, 2012

patiently waiting.

Dear Little Lady,

I'm just sitting here in your almost* completed nursery. I do this often. Sometimes during my day I'll come in here, close the door and just imagine what it will be like to have you here. It's so peaceful and quiet- I can almost see you swaddled tight, sleeping on these polka dotted sheets. I'm excited to have you here, but I'm practicing my patience. I can wait. You keep growing those chubby cheeks and leg rolls. November can't come soon enough.

Love, Mom


  1. Her nursery looks lovely!Love your velvet dress!You look radiant!

  2. Just so so beautiful. What a gorgeous and a wonderful place to imagine and dream of your little girl. hehe :) You're lovely.

  3. Love the nursery sneak peek! You need to frame that pic of you and your sweet belly in her nursery once she's born :)


  4. hello! i'm a new follower (your lovely belly picture was pinned on pinterest) firstly, you look amazing and so does your nursery! secondly, i just saw that you have an adorable corgi! our corgi, bruce, is a year and a half and i too am obsessed with him. -jen

    1. Thanks Jen! I'm always excited to find fellow corgi lovers :)

  5. lovely little lamp for a lovely little lady

  6. You're still so tiny! Such a cute little bump x

  7. you look so happy and i love all the ittle details in her room.

    i really need to get my act together and get going on this whole nursery thing otherwise my baby will have her cot amongst our bits and bobs that we don't know where else to put ;)

  8. I like your dress! Did you thrift it?


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