Friday, August 24, 2012

Watson Update

Watson. A prince among corgis.

I figured we couldn't leave our furry roommate out of all these family updates!

At 9 months old Watson...

-likes to rough house with dad and snuggle with mom

-rests his chin on my feet when I'm cooking in the kitchen

-is obsessed with running up and down stairs

-has a new found affinity for water...and mud for that matter

-made friends with the mail lady (she stops by to play even when we don't have mail)

-has a crush on the lady Greyhound two doors down

-still loves cheese

-runs laps around the house (faster than you'd think was possible) on a daily basis

most of all, we just love this little fluffy pup.

even if he did get planter soil all over my living room two nights ago.

inspiration for this photo from this on pinterest .

disclaimer: exorbitant amounts of swiss cheese were consumed in the production of this photo.


  1. Ha, my favorite is his super cheesy smile in that first pic. Hilarious.

  2. i want to meet this little nugget. he is so freakin' adorable!!!

  3. Oh my gosh. Love this. Watson, you are one lucky pup, you know that??

  4. Oh Watson! You are precious. I love your furry, little face!

  5. What a cutie! My husband and I REALLY want a corgi. :) dream dog.


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