Monday, August 20, 2012


We had a fantastic weekend over here. What is it about a weekend that totally refreshes you? It's just two days but sometimes it seems like a week- in the very best way possible! This weekend was jam-packed. We finally picked up our couches and got our living room put together! It feels so good. We spent some time with new friends, ate amazing food, saw the new Bourne movie, took our little furry man on a long walk to the pond and enjoyed some much needed snuggle time. It was basically a dream.

Oh and you guys. I've decided that I can officially live in Boston....we found the most perfect authentic carne asada tacos on Friday. I'm set.

he loves his dad. 

fluff butt.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh!! Welcome to Boston, Jess! You've picked the best little city :) We should double date for a cannoli or gelato when you're all settled! P.S. Might you reveal this glorious taco location...? :)

  2. YOUR. HAIR. LOOKS. AMAZING. seriously. i can't get over it. every picture that i see makes me want to die. and cut mine off again. and curl it every day. long story short, i love your hair.

  3. Where are the tacos?! This is an urgent question, since tacos are not that common around here.

  4. All that food looks amazing, especially those peaches! Glad you're settling into your new life and that you have COUCHES! We had camping chairs in our living room for a while and when those couches arrived, boy was it heavenly!

  5. It's Jim! We had the worst class in the world together last semester! PS Just found your blog, and your adorbs. The end.

  6. Food, friends and fun it doesn't get any better than that. Especially when you discover fabulous restaurants in your new town.


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