Tuesday, September 04, 2012

30 weeks.

-10 more weeks people. 10 more weeks. Sometimes that seems like nothing- sometimes, an eternity!

-the little lady is now fond of pushing up against my ribs. A daily occurrence... and not the most comfortable.

-I'm tired. a lot. Welcome third trimester!

-The nursery is just about finished- baskets full of diapers and all! I'm only waiting on the rug...yay! Steve and I often go through checklists to see how ready we are for the baby (just for fun). There are really only a couple of miscellaneous things that we need/want to get done before she makes her debut. I'm ecstatic.

-The big debate is whether my belly button will actually pop out this pregnancy. I'm kind of hoping it does, purely out of curiosity-but my money isn't on it. That thing is DEEP!  

-The other day I literally fell out of bed in an attempt to stand up. funniest. thing. ever. It was hysterical, we should just roll me around like a beach ball from now on ;)

-I'm feeling big but I can still walk/move around well, hopefully that persists!

Even though I'm getting anxious for baby I'm still loving being pregnant! Back aches and all.


  1. You look extremely cute Jess (: Love your outfit!


  2. yes, you look amazing! almost done with the longest 9 months of your life! :)

  3. i am jealous that your nursery is basically ready. we have quite a way to go and the third trimester exhaustion has kicked in so the nursery might not be as prepared as i hope :)

  4. Here's to me looking this amazing when i'm pregnant.

    Loving the polka dots.


  5. 10 weeks is forever when you're pregnant --- the closer you get, the slower it moves :(. Also, congratulations on picking a comfortable nursing chair. I see so many that are cute, but impractical. You'll be really happy with the one you have, I think. Best of luck!


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