Wednesday, September 26, 2012

33 weeks and a letter.

I'm actually 33 weeks and 3 days...but who's counting?

Dear little lady,

I'm not sure how much longer we are going to be able to share this little body of mine. As soon as I feel like I'm already stretched to the limit you seem to grow even more! Not that I'm complaining about your healthy little growth pattern (you keep packing on those rolls!), it just feels like my all my internal organs are being smashed beyond repair...which is probably true. My back aches, I can barely put my socks on and I can't eat more than a pancake-sized portion of food at a time- there just isn't room for it- but I live for the day that I finally get to see your sweet face! Even though your kicks/punches are getting stronger and significantly less comfortable, your dad and I love nothing more than watching them dance around my belly at night. You are a constant fixture in all conversations at present. You are my every daydream.

love, your mom


  1. So sweet! And she'll be here so soon!


  2. 7 weeks to go, there is a lot to screach... sry

  3. oh gosh...i already feel like that and I know I have so much more to go. :P you look wonderful though!

  4. so sweet. I'm getting excited FOR you!


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