Friday, September 07, 2012


I'm "Jess the Mess"

have been my whole life.

it's probably a combination of clumsiness and an unnatural love of food

whatever it is, it's gotten worse with pregnancy.

I'm not sure if I can blame it totally on my uncertain center of gravity...

or the big ball that didn't used to protrude from my midsection.

either way it's bad, or hilarious, depending on how you look at it.

Yesterday I was running errands and ended up having to stop and get lunch out

I purchased my meal and took my drink cup to the fountain to fill up

it was kind of crowded so I didn't set my meal down and attempted to fill my drink one handed

all was going well until I squeezed the lemon into the cup

and either the lemon tipped the drink or my big belly knocked it over (I'm honestly not sure)

but that cup slipped right through the precarious little bars and landed 

all. over. me.

said drink was all over my white shirt, pants, legs and down into my leather flats

my only choice was to grab as many napkins as I could and slop over to a table and attempt to make myself presentable.

and then head to my doctors appt. because there was no time to go home and change.

so pathetic. and so funny

I thought I needed to document- for posterity

hopefully the little lady wont inherit her mom's clumsy tendencies!

Any other awkward pregnancy stories out there to make me feel slightly better about myself?

Happy Friday!

Here's to the weekend-

where I usually have a second set of hands to help me appear less of a klutz.

P.S. big shout out to the guy who instead of helping said pathetic pregnant lady wipe up her mess on the counter walked by and said "big mess, huh?" and laughed.


  1. everyone has those times.. so sorry it happened when you were wearing white! /:

  2. What a turd, that guy! I'm a klutz... No belly to blame.

  3. What a goober that man. Love your little outfit in these photos.

  4. That little! :)

  5. Spilling something sucks, for sure. Like the other day when I knocked my cup of hot chocolate over, and nearly burned my 2-year-old. (He got moved out of the way before he was hurt.) But spilling is better than falling down. Which is what I did last week. Not cool to injure yourself 2 weeks before you're due...

    That guy needs to be punched.

  6. Remember the time I spilled hot chocolate all over your beautiful white coat? Pretty sure I wasn't pregnant then, but I'll never stop feeling bad about that one! Have a good, spill-free weekend ;) I'll be calling you the DAY I get a phone!

  7. At least you can laugh about it! I've always been Messy Jessie. I felt I was all thumbs when I was prego. And now I'm dealing with postpartum craziness. Like today when I went nursing bra shopping. There I was trying to find the right size In the dressing room when I start leaking all over! Yeah, nursing rocks.


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