Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home Tour!

This is the 6th home Steve and I have lived in in our less-than-three years of marriage!

Pretty impressive right?

Impressive or kind of exhausting...either way we're hoping to last here a little longer than our previous track record!

It's fun to document every place we've lived and even though my list of home improvements isn't quite finished I figured I'd share anyway!

So here it goes:

Welcome to the Marcums- Waltham, MA edition!


dining area.

living room.

(this chaise lounge is Steve's pride and joy)

guest 1/2 bath.

(candy corn in the bathroom because....why not?) 


let's go upstairs, shall we?

baby's nursery. (more pictures here)

upstairs bathroom.

our bedroom.

my reading nook...naturally

(Jessica Jackson...recognize this dresser?) 

There you have it!


  1. What a happy little environment! Love that bathroom rug too.

  2. so cool! loved your place. Great job decorating and combining different elements!


  3. I love your style! So peaceful and colorful and happy, especially in the living room. Where in the world did you get that chevron rug? Very cool.

    1. Thanks Jessie! I got the rug on last year!

  4. Jessica... why do you have to be so cool and yet live so far away?!

  5. Simple and peaceful :) Your reading nook is my favorite of the whole.

  6. so many cute things in there and beautifully put together!

  7. looks really lovely and i can't believe you haven't been there that long.

    in the last three years we have moved four times {five if you count the month at the parents in between places} so although i am not quite in your league i definitely understand the feeling of wanting to stay somewhere a bit longer :)

  8. Beautiful! I LOVE the family room, such cute furniture. And yes, I do recognize the dresser... wow! Quite the facelift. I love those bright colored accents.

  9. precious! i love your decorating skills.


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