Monday, September 24, 2012

North Bridge.

This weekend we started out our date night with a little trip to Concord, MA to see North Bridge

the site of "the shot heard round the world"

where the colonists were ordered to fire the first shot at the British militia.

Steve and I love history so this was particularly enjoyable for us.

(Steve's even memorizing this poem now)

besides the history- it was a perfect crisp evening to see the little signs of fall start to peek out.

we ended the night with dinner and a little shopping!

as always, I LOVE our Saturdays together.


  1. wonderful pictures! pregnancy looks so good on you! have a great day <3

  2. Ahh...this is what I love about living in the older part of the country (we live in the south). I love visiting historical sites and having so many to choose from! Devin and I totally want to explore New England in all of its beauty!

    Also, you make a cute pregnant lady!

  3. Looks like a perfect fall outing :) Boston is gorgeous when the leaves start to change!



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