Monday, September 10, 2012

on having wellies and red umbrellas on your doorstep.

Fall decided to come this week- 

this Friday actually.

This time of year I always find myself clinging to the season,

wanting to soak everything in.

the leaves, the crisp wind, wellies, sweaters, the pumpkin pie

oh the pumpkin pie.

yesterday's temperature never went above 65 degrees

65 degrees??

I even wore a little sweater.

and opened the windows to hear the wind blowing all day

I have a feeling our first New England fall is going to be pretty enchanting.

 (31 weeks)


  1. We have had amazing Fall weather these past couple of days too!It's just making my heart go pitter patter!

  2. i am so excited about fall but it can't make its mind up over here.

    and i love your tights!

  3. You are stunning, just be pregnant all the time. It suits you! ; ) can't wait to see that little girl!

  4. I long for Fall! It's supposed to be 97 degrees here today... It's not something I appreciate, at all. I'm too big, and too hot, for the weather to not start cooling down. I'm ready for crunchy leaves, yummy coffee, and cozy sweaters!


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