Wednesday, September 05, 2012

sunflowers and mint. a nursery reveal!

You guys it's done. with the exception of a rug- maybe.

I've been itching to share it with you!

nursing chair, side table and foot rest.

(foot rest and rocking chair found on craigslist.)

pillows from left to right. vintage velvet, mom's when she was a girl, diy by yours truly.

some pretty literature, critters and a silver rattle I got in Mexico a couple years ago.

(table thrifted last year)

lamp thrifted and given a mini face lift by me.

do you see the jar full of hair bows back there? I'm still rollin'

dresser is a craigslist find from last year that I repainted when we moved in. 

I thrifted this frame then made a diy chalkboard using this tutorial.

the chair designated for anyone who wants to keep me company!

thrifted last year ($15 steal)

close up of the photos. 

left- steve as a baby with his dad reading the newspaper (kill me)

right- me with my dad riding our horse Bobby. I miss that tubby buckskin (the horse- I miss my dad too but he's nowhere near tubby)

toddler work station Steve found for the little lady. It needs a little TLC- but isn't high on our priority list, seeing as she wont need anywhere to color for a while! We're debating between giving it a chalk board top or a white board top, thoughts?

bibs I made for her!

baskets for extra diapers, blankets, etc. (a little easier to access than the ones in the closet... for the 2:00am changings) 

baskets found at TJ Maxx, fitted crib sheet from amazon, crib bumper from Babys R Us, elephant banner made by me.

jenny lind crib found at Target, mobile made by me.

the two beautiful peony prints are from Sarah Tucker- talented lady.

baby girl already has an impressive collection of stuffed animals!

Don't worry- they'll be taken out of her crib before she sleeps in it.

and let's not forget the diaper bag filled with all her essentials!

swaddling blankets, 3 outfits, pacifiers, newborn diapers and all!

Can you tell I'm excited?

Oh and a 30 week baby bump that I'm positive has gotten larger since I last photographed it on Sunday!

I'm kind of in love with it! What do you think?


  1. is it bad that i'd love this to be my own room? That mint dresser is A++++

  2. that dresser is amazing! what a cool nursery! :)

  3. SO SO SO very in love!!! Isn't creating her very own little space the best? You did such a beautiful job, she will love it I'm sure! Can't wait to see this beauty's face!!

  4. You have been busy! I dig that purple ottoman! I'm impressed with all the little details. There is so much love in that room.

    P.S. Be sure to ask your baby's doctor about crib bumpers when she starts rolling over. (Just momma to momma.)

  5. everything is perfect, i love that you made so much of it! and those baskets are a great idea.

  6. Perfection! I love everything! Great job mama ;)

  7. It all looks adorable.

    I'd watch out for little fingernails on a chalkboard topped table...

  8. Beautiful. Not too contrived and just girly enough!

    And thats a nice looking bump.

  9. Love the dresser!!! Perfect color and shape! Can't wait until she gets here now!

  10. Oh my goodness, adorable! I want a baby now. haha!

  11. Oh,I love it all,literally swooning over here! And I love how you included your pup in her nursery!

    P.S.Your baby bump definitely looks bigger from the last time!

  12. i love the peony prints from sarah! i've had my eye on that for a while. it looks lovely in those frames!

  13. you did a BEAUTIFUL job! i love it :)

  14. your nursey is absolutely lovely--i love all the details, so cute.

    and loving the baby bump :)

  15. Eeeee it's all so divine and lovely! And chalk board top sounds Coolio for the cutesy little table. Nice work Jess. :)

  16. I know this is an old blog post, but I just came across it through Pinterest. Can you give details on the paint color you used for the dresser? It's the exact mint color I'm looking for. :)

  17. What is the specific paint color you used for the dresser? It is beautiful, and I'd love to know!

  18. I love the changing pad cover. Can you tell me where that's from? Thanks!


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