Friday, September 28, 2012

Taking advantage of fall.

Last year I felt like Steve and I were SO good at taking advantage of fall.

but last year Steve didn't work till all hours of the night and I didn't have heartburn.

or a baby kicking my ribs.

I'm nervous that this year could easily slip away from us!

it's such a fleeting, breathtaking season and I'm already getting nervous that I won't make the best of our first one in New England!

So in an attempt to keep myself accountable ...

I'm making a fall to-do list and posting it online for the world to see!

Here goes:

1. Go to the beach. We'll wear beanies and bring blankets and sip hot chocolate!

2. Make pumpkin pie from scratch

3. Go apple picking

4. Take a long scenic "fall" drive 

5. Carve pumpkins

6. Roast pumpkin seeds

It's not as lofty as last year's- but it'll do!

Wish me luck!

Happy Friday.


  1. Carving pumpkins and having roasted pumpkin seeds are some of my favorite memories from fall growing up! Good luck!!

  2. Lets make pie from scratch with Kasee and I are visiting!!!!

  3. i am aiming to carve my first pumpkin this year and enjoy fall but i already feel like i am missing some of it to, time is just flying by.

    i need to remember to take my camera and capture the leaves changing colour instead of being lazy.

  4. Absolutely looking forward to picking out a pumpkin this year. :) i love your blazer! where is it from?

  5. This is a long shot but...I have a friend that owns a huge fruit farm in Hollis, New Hampshire (less than an hour away from you). Brookdale Fruit Farm. I've never been there but I hear it's amazing. They also are doing pumpkins and other fall festivities right now. Just an FYI. That could be several birds with one belly! (huh? I'm weird)

  6. I shall be stealing your fall to do list. I feel like this year has gone by so incredibly FAST! And I am determined to take full advantage of this fall season, and the holiday season too. Cause it'll be here in no time!


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