Friday, September 14, 2012

What will you look like baby girl?

because it's Friday

and because this is the biggest topic of conversation in our home as of late...

I leave you with some ridiculously cute baby photos of me and Steve.

Steve thinks she'll have brown wispy hair like her mom

and I think blonde curly hair and irresistibly chubby cheeks are inevitable.

what (or who) will you look like baby girl?

we're itching to find out. 

Happy Weekend!


  1. i hope she looks like you (not that your husband isn't handsome, he is!) i just love babys with dark hair!!

  2. Don't you both look CUTE!?
    I think he/she will be blue eyed, and a brunette!

  3. aw! You guys are cute :) Either way she is going to be adorable :)

  4. Well, weren't you two just the cutest kiddos around!!


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