Wednesday, October 17, 2012

36 week update. and a letter.

little lady,

I had my 36 week appointment this week- we found out that you have indeed "dropped"! We're one step closer to seeing you in person. I had my suspicions last week as it was increasingly easier for me to eat and breath and increasingly harder to sleep...sooooo many bathroom breaks- your dad was the one who pointed it out, the belly was lower! I was surprisingly relieved to know that you are in position for delivery. I know it would be just fine if you were "breach" and we had to schedule a c-section...but I was happy to not go down that road nonetheless. I guess I was more nervous about it than I let on! I loved hearing your little heartbeat. I love it every time I get to hear it. Your dad is a little worried that I will miss this big belly when it's gone, but I just can't imagine missing it when I'll have YOU here. I do love how close I feel to you- getting to carry you everywhere, our secret conversations, your sassy little kicks. I will miss that- but I have a feeling having you with us will be exponentially better. 

we love you baby girl. Only 4 more weeks!

P.S. Grandma Kara is getting worried that you'll be late and she'll miss you- she made me ask the doctor if they'd induce me if you weren't on time. She's been worried about it for months. Let's try and get this show on the road...on time. K?

P.S.S. Hopefully it doesn't embarrass you too much that your mom wears her cheetah pants whilst walking around 8 months pregnant. 

Love, Mom


  1. i hope she's not embarrassed by those cheetah pants. they're super cute!

    romantically challenged

  2. I just love the cheetah pants while you are preggo! Why not right?
    You are so close! And I bet you won't miss the belly, as cute as it is.
    Cause you'll get your body back!!


  3. You make me miss being pregnant with my first. That was such a special time. And I can't believe she's dropped already! She may be here before you know it!

  4. i bet she is so proud of you wearing those pants :)

    and i can't beleive it is only 4 weeks and i am a week behind you--where has the time gone?


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