Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Boston Adventuring

On Friday Kenz and I decided to play the tourist around Boston.

we walked the "Freedom Trail"

met up with Steve for lunch

did some fun school shopping for Kenz
(that may or may not have included a fuzzy white bear hat for baby girl.)

explored the harbor

ending with an introduction to cannoli, naturally.

The city obliged with the perfect weather for this pregnant girl

my unusually high body temperature was loving it.

it was moody and misty with a slight touch of rain.

fall perfection.

Kenz left us early this morning to go to Michigan and see the Jacksons-

I seriously contemplated refusing to drive her to the airport,

but figured I'd be mature about the whole thing.

Thanks for coming Kenz! We miss you already!

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  1. ah! you have so many adventures! i love it! boston is so gorgeous!


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