Monday, October 15, 2012

Girls Weekend!

Molly and Kasee came to visit this weekend!

I love these girls.

There's something so effortless and plain fun about hanging out with them.

We've been fast friends since our freshmen year at BYU and haven't looked back.

How spoiled am I to have them come from Virginia and Texas to visit?

There was....

lots of  good girl talk

really good food
  (we're talking rockstar food like pizza and burgers and pie and cannoli....I probably gained like 5 lbs in one weekend- oops. I'm not sorry)

exploring- of the Boston, Lexington and Cambridge (Harvard) variety.


and playing with Watson- he officially has a crush on Kasee.

and in case you were wondering, yes I'm still as ridiculous as my 18 year-old dorm living self

even with a child in my belly- aren't you supposed to be automatically more mature when you become a parent?


  1. good to see that you're enjoying the last few days of not being tired, having a newborn. just you and your girls!

  2. Nothing better than girl time! Love your cream sweater, lady!

  3. Love you all!! So glad you had fun :) wish I could have been there!

  4. Jess!

    1. You are seriously the cutest pregnant girly ever. You look SO darling in every picture! I'm loving all your fall outfits :)
    2. I am thoroughly enchanted with where you live. All your pictures of Boston are so dreamy. It makes me excited for the possibility of living on the east coast!

  5. awww, this makes me miss my roomies. Lucky girl! Best weekend ever! You are too cute all prego. And, no, becoming a parent doesn't make you more mature. My hubby says I still act like I'm five sometimes--something about getting squealy excited about fall and pumpkins etc. haha


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