Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

I usually LOVE dressing up for Halloween.

and since being married I've loved it even more- couples costumes are so fun.

but this year all I felt like I could be was a glorified pumpkin.

just roll me around the farm

(I didn't actually do this- don't worry)

I'll spare you that.

but I couldn't let Halloween pass without at least one member of our family getting festive!

{insert short stumpy dog that can't tell me no}

Watson dressed up as the perfect English gentlemen we always hoped he would be!

a parent can dream right?

I'm seeing glimpses of Jude Law in these photos...

Happy Halloween 2012!


  1. yay hooray! cutest little thing ever. that is, until the bebe arrives:-) xoxo

  2. Well Watson makes up for your lack of dressing up :) he is so cute!


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