Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Perfect Fall Morning

I woke up this morning to the most delicious, misty, dark October morning.

I pulled the covers over my head and soaked it in.

but despite the perfection of it all- delicious October mornings have the propensity to make me very very lazy. and today I could not be lazy.

I'm not working right now- unless you count growing a human as working, could make a decent argument for.

lack of work has been a blessed thing. especially when I think about dragging myself out of bed and crawling into the shower all while throwing up every morning almost the entire first half of my pregnancy. I kind of feel like I deserve to take it easy.

but lack of a concrete schedule sometimes makes it difficult to stay productive. and hey! I've got stuff to do!

So this morning, in order to truly savor the perfect fall-ness without being too lazy- I threw on a chunky knit sweater, leggings and rain boots and headed into Lexington with my laptop and list of errands.

I hit up the cutest children's bookstore for a 2 year old birthday party we're attending this weekend (I can't be trusted in children's bookstores...or any bookstores for that matter)- took some boots in to be re-soled and settled down at starbucks to work on some projects for church. Oh and of course I had to get my non-fat vanilla steamer in there as well. because what's a rainy fall afternoon without a steamy beverage to keep you warm?

Happy October to you. 


  1. I too cannot be trusted in children's bookstores! Fall looks lovely where you are! As for Georgia, the temps are slowly creeping down.

  2. literally 5 minutes away from you

    1. ah!! We need to get lunch sometime- downtown Lexington is seriously like 5 minutes away from my apartment!

  3. Love the fall there! Keep the pictures coming :)

  4. yes, this looks perfect! being pregnant and then having kids is more than a full time job - it doesn't end! :)

  5. These kinds of Fall mornings are the best. I love you cute stripy pants!

    - Sarah

  6. That bookstore and fall there looks absolutely glorious.

  7. i love your leggings! but then i am biased as i have them too :)


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