Monday, October 29, 2012


I had one last thing on my "to-do list" before baby came.

and that was fixing the awkward corner in her nursery.

now that's done-

so I'm just waiting here while the wind blusters outside my apartment

hoping I don't go into labor during this dang hurricane.

Happy Monday!

and to all you fellow east coasters- be safe! 


  1. as you may know, i am addicted to chalkboard everything. . . so you have me swooning over here with that tabletop.

    praying for your safety. xo

  2. SO CUTE. Can't wait to see this little one!

  3. It looks so good! Sending thoughts and prayers your way during the hurricane! Stay safe!

  4. i love it!! need to get myself some chalk paint.

    and thought you might enjoy the giveaway i'm doing :) another pair of sperry's

  5. how cool! would have loved to have something like this on my little desk!

  6. LOVE love love! Such a fabulous idea.

  7. THat is awesome! I want to do that when I have kids.

  8. well now you are totally ready--i am about a week behind you and everyone just keeps saying well it could be any time from now which gets me so excited so i can't imagine what you are like :)


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