Monday, November 05, 2012

39 weeks...

-"I'm done being pregnant". Poor Steve hears this at least a couple times every day. My face in the above photo explains my sentiments perfectly. 

-I'm now dilated to a 4 (as of my dr. appt. this morning). 

-I have had some contractions but they're pretty sporadic and not too intense. Mostly just annoying. I had to get a NST (non stress test) for the baby at my appt this morning- no worries everything was fine-  and I had two big contractions while I was getting it. My doctor was super surprised that I hardly felt them at all. I never thought I'd say this but I just want to feel the pain and get this over with! ha!

-Every appointment my doctor tells me I'll have this baby in the next couple days. For three weeks now. It totally gets my hopes up even though I just know it will never happen! I'll be pregnant forever! Ah!

-My mom comes on Saturday :)

- When Steve and I were talking about what to do for date night last Friday we both decided we should just have the baby for date night! As you can tell we're both very rational at this point.

-I'm not peeling myself out of this outfit until I have the baby. It's about the only thing that's comfortable anymore and it's getting cold outside! 


  1. JEALOUS that mom gets to come...... An that outfit is hott. Yeah.

  2. C'mon baby!!! The crazy thing, it literally could be ANY moment now that you start labor. I remember feeling like this, and then boom, one monday morning it all began:-) xoxo

  3. Ahhh! How exciting! Can't believe how small you still look!!
    Hope it all goes well for you :)

  4. That outfit rocks! Can't believe how great you look! Come on little marcum!

  5. oh no! that must be awful to get your hopes up so many times. at 37 and 38 weeks i was 0% dilated and like you just so tired of being pregnant. but don't depair, the longest 9 months of your life will end pretty soon! :)

  6. Please tell me where you got your cute pants! They are so adorable. You could totally rock that for the next 3 days!!!

  7. Hang in there! I know exactly how you feel. These last weeks are the worst. Keeping my fingers crossed that labor comes soon and goes smoothly. :)

  8. paha. Good luck being patient till you meet the little one. Although it might not be too bad if you WERE pregnant forever because you are adorable.

  9. I feel ya, they told me the same thing with each kid.... I made it 42 weeks and was induced 3 times. Fingers crossed u don't have to deal with that mess..... I'm officially stocking ur FB for labor updates. Best of luck to u Marcum family.

  10. I get so mad when doctors do that... dilation is no indicator of when labor will start, or how long it will last. :S
    You won't be pregnant forever, I promise! I know it feels like it, but before you know it you'll have your sweet little girl in your arms. :)

  11. The second you stop expecting it to happen is when it all goes down, girl! ;) Those last few weeks are THE HARDEST. Hang in there and try to enjoy the last few days alone with your hubby. It's never the same again!

  12. Ok, it seriously has to happen so soon! Stay strong! :) Hopefully the fact that you are already so dilated is a sign of a quick and easy labor!


  13. i am right on the same page--i feel like i am going to be pregnant forever and now i just want to meet our baby girl.

    as you can tell patience is not my strength ;)

    and you still look amazing if that helps.

  14. I miss you mrs. Marcum! Come back!!!!!
    Luv Audrey


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