Monday, November 12, 2012


Hello lovelies! This week I'll be busy snuggling little miss Clara and getting used to this new thing called motherhood. So I thought I'd line up some of my favorite blogger mommies to talk about the joys of being a mom! 

Here's one of my favorite ladies- she's a blogger over at Elle Keeps Moving and an incredible designer! I can't wait to try out my Solly Baby wrap.


I’ve always been a fan of “beginnings”. There is something about the excitement of opening a new book, the break of day, the start of spring, and looking into the face of my newborn that literally makes my heart race. The word “potential” comes to mind.

Meeting your baby, you have no clue who that baby might become or what he or she is even going to look like, but there is this feeling that the sky is the limit. Nothing is out of reach.

Some aspect of that is frightening because that maternal instinct so desperately and immediately wants to protect that baby because we know that life brings hardship and pain just as it brings joy and beauty.

I remember slipping into a matinee to see a new comedy with my husband right after our daughter was born. In the movie, the main character’s daughter is upset after getting dumped by her first boyfriend. My husband turned to me teary-eyed and said, “Lucy is going to get her heartbroken one day.” We both cried even though we knew it was slightly (okay, really) ridiculous.

But still, the thought of the unknown triumphs far outweigh the unknown trials.

Looking at my little girl, the very first time I held her, I felt like I could see her as God saw her with an infinite amount of potential.

Potential for good, potential for love, potential for all things beautiful and true.

Even now, almost four years and another baby later, I know that when I’m being the best mother I can be, it’s because I am helping her realize that potential.

And that is truly a gift. 



  1. such a cute post! motherhood must be in some sort of way really great and special and just ful of love to your child!

  2. I loved this. Its exactly how I feel about being a mom someday ... scared stiff of all the stuff that I could fail at, but SO much more excited about the stuff that could go right. :)

  3. Love those I always say--the "happiest time of your life"


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