Friday, November 16, 2012


Thanks Jessie for taking over today! She is such a good momma to her two sweet boys!


My name is Jessie and I blog over at My Cowboy and Me.  (Please stop by!  Your presence won't go unnoticed.  Promise.)  I'm a wife to my best friend and a mother to two {very cute} little boys: Jed and Levi. 
It's unfortunate that pregnancy lasts a grueling nine plus months because I think I could seriously become addicted to newborns. I would relive the moment my boys were born over and over again; I have never felt so close to heaven.
My personal top ten favorite things about a newborn:
10. Not being pregnant anymore!!!
9. The way he purses his lips after nursing
8. His wide curious eyes
7. Holding him close and smelling that sweet natural baby smell
6. The wrinkles on his soft skin
5. Gassy grins
4. The way he curls up on my chest and sleeps
3. How he knows his mommy: my voice, my smell, and it's comforting to him.
2. Kissing cheeks that feel like overly ripe peaches over and over and over again
1. Being my baby’s everything

I wouldn't trade being a mother for anything.  I feel like I've morphed into an entirely new kind of person since Jed's birth.  I've had to become less selfish, more patient, more able to multitask, and a myriad of other things.  But with each passing week, I feel these new traits becoming a more integral part of who I am.  There's room for improvement, but I like who I see in the mirror. I am also sooo much cooler than I used to be.  I can cook with one arm.  I can pick up toys with my toes.  I can handle poop in the bathtub without breaking a sweat.  I can even sleep and feed my child simultaneously!  In three words: I. AM. AWESOME.  I am a mother.  Enough said.

So let's hear it for Jess's new developing awesomeness!  Her love for her new baby girl will transcend anything baby can throw at her mama.  Congratulations Jess!  I hope you're enjoying your snuggle time with heaven's newest gift.  You're going to rock this mama thing.      


  1. So true! Being a mommy changes everything about your life, including yourself. And it can be pretty awesome to realize how much you've grown without even having to think about it!

  2. This makes me excited to be a mom someday.


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