Tuesday, November 27, 2012


and here's our last guest post from the lovely Rachel of Tunes and Spoons!


Dearest Jess,

I remember.

I remember these times well.

I was caught in the fog of my newly born role and I embraced it.

This tiny baby belonged to me and the person I love the most. 

Was I really allowed to love this much?  

What a joy it has been to become a mother.  I have a heart and it belongs to John and to Evaleigh.  We are a family and we are good.  

When my Evaleigh was 2 weeks old I wrote this, 

"I love night time.  I've always been a night owl but its different now.  John and I used to have a bed time of 1 or 2 am, now we meet those hours with squinting eyes and tipping toes.  By the dim glow of the night-light these hours are now considered "waking up in the middle of the night".

I love coming out of the fog of slumber and hearing Evaleigh's little grunts, I know she is slowly coming out of sleep too.  One of us will scoop her tiny warm body up in to our arms, change her diaper, and then some of the sweetest moments happen.
I take her to the blue chair in the nursery and we get to reconnect for a moment.  I love feeding her and being just the thing that she needs.  Sometimes we lock stares and in those moments my vision and soul is a tunnel straight to her and nothing else matters.  When she is finished eating sometimes she will reward me with a beautiful tiny grin.  Soft singing and hums by me or her father lull her back to dreaming.  The night is quiet and still and that room becomes a holy and sacred place."

Jess, you are now experiencing these moments with your Clara Rose.  Congratulations to you and Steve.  Enjoy every one of these minutes because they pass so quickly.  I can't wait to see you blossom in to motherhood, you are already doing a beautiful job.

much love,


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