Friday, December 07, 2012

1 month young

and just when you thought you were done with the monthly (pregnancy) updates...

here I go and start some more!

Clara Rose turned 1 month young yesterday

we needed to celebrate and share the cuteness

at one month Clara...

-loves loves loves bath time! I've gotten really good at giving her a bath by myself and she absolutely loves it. She just lays there and coos and looks around with wide eyes. A treat for both her and I!

-sleeps for 3-4 hour stretches during the night. Such a good girl!

-laughs in her sleep. Full on belly laughs. It kills. me. dead. Cutest thing ever! I've unsuccessfully tried to catch it on video several times. I may just be an obnoxious new parent... but I don't believe I've seen anything cuter.

-loves having her hands by or above her face. at all times. She somehow always manages to squirm them out of her swaddle until she's comfortable.

-is getting CHUNKY. I can hardly handle the dimples in her knuckles, the frog belly, the cheeks...oh the cheeks, or those delectable legs and arms. heaven help me. 

-gets showered with kisses, all. day. long.

-likes to suck on her bottom lip.

-loves her pacifier.

-hardly ever cries, and when she does, is easily soothed. I can't believe how good of a baby she is (I may be a little biased). Does this mean her teenage years will be extra hard?

-loves to be in her car seat- probably because this is the most comfortable thing ever. Also loves tooling around in her wrap. The second I put her in either she's sound asleep and happy as a clam.

-is a serious snuggle bug. Her favorite thing to do is cuddle tummy down on mine or Steve's chest. We don't mind a bit.

-is a champ at nursing. We started out a little rough but now she loves it, as evidenced in her cheeks.

-measured between the 80th and 90th percentile in weight, height and head circumference! 9 lbs 12 oz already! She must be drinking straight cream.

-has acquired the nicknames: jelly bean, honey bear, sweat pea, and shuga shuga

We just feel so lucky to have sweet little Clara in our lives. 

We're so in love.

Happy 1 month baby girl!


  1. oh my, so cute! what a little angel! best wishes to you both!

  2. oh my goodness! Melt my heart. She sounds adorable. Isn't being a mother the best thing on earth? Yeah, and those little toes too.

  3. I"M in love! goodness gracious. New girlfriend for the Bean?:-) Ummm, and my Dad still calls me "sweetpea." It's a good one! xoxo

  4. Oh my goodness! She is edible! Happy 1 month Clara!


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