Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 in review


We get back from Christmas in Seattle. Steve starts his last semester at BYU and I start teaching sixth grade (moving up from Kindergarten)- apparently I also wear high-waisted pants. At the end of the month we head to a cabin in Bear Lake with friends. After the freak snow storm, some awesome homemade popcorn from Natilee and frequent Diet Coke runs with Meg we head home to Provo by way of Tremonton to  pick up the cutest little ball of stumpy fluff we'd ever laid eyes on. We name him Watson and become obsessed.


Watson gets taken on lots of walks. Less because he needs the exercise and more because we want to show off his cuteness. Steve and I celebrate Valentine's Day at our favorite Italian restaurant. He looks very handsome in the button up shirt I got him. We decide we want to get pregnant over dinner at our favorite sushi place after I get home from snowboarding with my sixth graders. My family comes to Utah to stay in Park City- we make a game plan on how to not order sushi if we go to sushi so nobody will suspect that we're trying/ I might be pregnant. We don't end up going to sushi.


I take a pregnancy test on a whim before picking Steve up from school. I throw it away immediately because I thought there was literally no way I could be pregnant yet. I used the word "literally" too liberally because when I got home from picking Steve up I looked in the trash can and saw a pink plus sign! We subsequently took about a billion others that all came out positive. Woo hoo! About two days later I came down with the worst cold known to man and worked myself into the ground until I had a full blown fever and sinus infection and had to stay home from school with pregnancy-safe antibiotics. About two days after I went back to work i threw up in front of my entire sixth grade class during their Tom Sawyer book report presentations. Let the "morning/afternoon/night" sickness begin! I told my mom I was pregnant when she was teaching ski school on the slopes- she screamed. Watson got a really cute photo shoot and posed like a champ. He also showed us his full potential for naughtiness. I went on lots of sister dates with Tay- told her I was pregnant at 7-11 by hinting that I wouldn't fit into the high-waisted skinnies I was wearing much longer. She also screamed. Introduced Watson to Scott (my best friend's baby- P.S. Erin Scott is SO much bigger now- how did that happen?). Tried out about every restaurant in Provo trying to find food I could keep down. Failed. I direct my classes performance of Pirates of Penzance- they were cute but hearing that music still makes me nauseous.


We attempt to enjoy the good weather even though I had sequestered myself to the bedroom. Steve continues to train for the Ironman. We celebrate his 25th birthday at Tucanos- man food. We get to see our little jelly bean for the first time. I take one of Steve's spin classes he teaches at BYU. I somehow manage to pull together an Easter dinner for Steve and Tay. Watson gets the hambone and buries certain pieces in the yard for later. Steve and I fly to Boston for his work orientation. We get Mike's pastry and I get a lemon gelato. We get back and start our sad goodbyes to friends :( We still miss them. Steve graduates from BYU. I see Caroline at graduation and look kinda sorta pregnant. I announce I'm pregnant.


Steve finishes his ironman and officially becomes the sexiest man alive. My friends throw me the cutest baby shower ever. Steve buys a motorcycle, to both of our mother's dismay. Watson wears the cone of shame and still looks like the happiest dog on the planet. I fly ome for a friend's  wedding and somehow miss my flight back to Utah- extending my stay a few weeks. Providence. I ride horses and hang out with siblings and start to feel a little better. Steve and Watson join me at the ranch. Steve and I go to Zane and Brooke's graduations, Watson has the time of his life in puppy heaven.


We go to Bainbridge Island to visit the Marcums and see Kenz graduate. We go back to CA and find that Watson didn't miss us at all. Steve hunts squirrels and I eat a lot of carne asada tacos. Aaron and Caroline visit the ranch for an afternoon. I start to actually look pregnant. We find out we're having a girl!! We party in Mexico with my family.


We drive back to Provo and attempt to pack up our home, see all our favorite people, do all our favorite things and eat all our favorite food... in two days. We are fairly successful. We fly to Boston. We move into a temporary apartment with awesome windows in Medford, MA while we find permanent housing. Watson is re-potty trained. We find our apt. the first day we go hunting- but we can't move in for a month. We explore Boston and see The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX. I start getting heartburn- but on the upside, I can cook again! I go stir crazy with my nesting compulsion and go on a baby crafting/ baby necessity buying spree. We take Watson to NYC and visit Dan and Becca. We eat Shake Shack and see Bernie in a cute little indie theatre in Soho. Steve starts his job at Fidelity.


We move into our new apartment in Waltham. I make lots of chocolate chip banana pancakes, unpack our boxes and start putting the home together. In record time- might I add. I start really showing. Watson becomes king of all corgis and loves on his dad. I consider leaving him on the side of the road after he chews up some packages- then thought better of it. I start spending lots of time in the nursery daydreaming about baby girl. I go peach picking with some new friends and their cute kids.


We discover Lexington and fall in love. I paint Clara's dresser and finish the nursery. It rains and suddenly feels like fall in Massachusetts. I take empenadas into Steve at work for Chilean Independence Day. I make an exorbitant amount of bows for the little jelly bean. Tay sends me a replacement BYU hat for the one I lost in Mexico that summer. It makes me cry. I start eating BLT's every day for lunch. Steve and I visit North Bridge in Concord and learn about the "shot heard round the world". My Dad comes out to Boston to visit. We tour around the city and people think we're a couple- gross. He looks way too young for his age! I'm reminded of how much I miss living by my family.


The leafs start to change and it looks like someone dumped a highlighter all over New England. It's gorgeous. Steve and I go apple picking. I decide that I can never feel the same way about store-bought apples again. I make apple crisp. We decorate for fall with pumpkins and candy corn. Kasee and Molly come to visit for a weekend. We take on the town and eat at all the places we love. I decide I have the best friends a girl could ask for. I'm still wearing the leopard pants. Kenz comes to visit. We decorate pumpkins and eat apple cider donuts. We tool around Boston, go school shopping and visit the beach for the first time. We don't dress up for Halloween because I'm huge and don't feel like it- but I make Watson dress up as an English gentlemen. Hurricane Sandy hits and I'm convinced I'll go into labor and be stranded. The hurricane ends up being not a big deal and I don't go into labor.


I'm so uncomfortable I can hardly stand it. I start to think I will never have the baby and make snarky comments in my head to my doctor who tells me the baby is coming any day now. We welcome a beautiful healthy Clara Rose into our family six days early and not a moment too soon. She makes us the happiest two people on Earth. My Mom flies out early as soon as she finds out and gets in at 8 pm the day she was born. I couldn't have survived without her help- she was amazing and we were grateful to have her with us. Clara gets her first bath and slams us with cuteness. We have our own little Thanksgiving with my mom and it's delicious. We get a Christmas tree and I never leave the living room. Mom leaves and I cry all the way home. I instragram a ridiculous amount of Clara pictures.


I turn 24 and Steve takes me out to sushi for the first time in 10 months. I eat it one-handed and think I'm super woman. Clara turns one month old and I refuse to acknowledge how much she's already grown. Gena comes to stay and Clara visits Boston for the first time. She continues to floor me with her sweet smiles. We celebrate our anniversary 4 days early because we accidentally booked my plane ticket home the day before. We go to California for Christmas with the Veaters. We bless Clara in my home ward and the Marcums come down and spend New Years on the ranch.

I'll update the Christmas pictures when they come... but man am I glad to have all that documented!

We've had a great year.

You've been good to us 2012

bring it on 2013!!


  1. such a great year for your little family!!!!

  2. what an amazing year! we have a ton in common - newborns born 6 days early, corgi puppies, have lived in CA, provo and the east coast - i wish we could be friends in real life :) the only thing we don't have in common is that you looked amazing pregnant, i did not ha, ha. you are glowing in the picture of you wearing the white dress. happy holidays!-jen

  3. what a great year in review, love it!

  4. Clara looks SO beautiful!! And I'm sorry.. But that morning sickness in class is kind of funny.. Love your year review! :)


  5. this is the cutest recap ever! I love your descriptions!

  6. even though i haven't blogged all year long... you've officially inspired me to do a year in review post, makes up for my lack of blogging, right? i love the part about snarky comments in your head :) you're wonderful!

  7. Love this! And you! Lets be a part of each others 2013 okay? A reunion is long overdue!

  8. Looks like an amazing year for you!!

  9. Love this post. What an exciting and awesome year it's been! Your Clara is so sweet.

    P.S. I'm doing a year in review link-up on my blog, in case you have a few seconds and want to link up this post :) I adore your blog regardless, so no pressure though :)


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