Monday, December 17, 2012

An Early Anniversary

This year Steve and I celebrated our anniversary a little early

we booked my ticket home to CA the day before our anniversary

....on accident.

so here we are!

Our "anniversary" started out with long stem roses, a large diet coke and a bagel with cream cheese from my love-

he knows me too well.

there's nothing I love more than diet coke and fresh flowers!

that evening Steve set up Clara's very first babysitters (besides her Grandmothers)

and we headed to a swanky italian restaurant in Belmont.

it was fantastic

that cheese plate? I about died.

afterward we strolled around and looked at the lights 

and topped off the night with peppermint ice cream for the lady and hot chocolate for the gentlemen.

then we hurried home to snuggle to a chic flick with our jelly bean-

because heaven knows we were missing her like crazy!

Gosh I love that man I married.


  1. Happy early Anniversary to you both! You look radiant as ever!

  2. Sounds like the perfect anniversary! You two make me smile :)



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