Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Epic Fail

Thinking I was ever so clever and prepared I designed a birth announcement before Clara was born

I had it all set just to plug in the name, picture, etc.

then I sent it in to get it printed and it turned out AWFUL

I won't name the company that did them....but needless to say I couldn't send them out

so I ended up having to do a shutterfly card last minute

not as creative as I wanted, but...what do you do?

so I figured to help myself feel at least a little better about my announcements

 I'd show it to you guys :)

plus, if I knew all your addresses I would have loved to send you announcements anyway

so let's just consider this your cute little announcement in the mail shall we?


  1. this is darling! do you think her eyes will stay blue? I've heard they can change up to 9 months, and my niece who is almost 3 had her eyes change in the last year. Anyway, I love the combo of dark hair with blue eyes. But she will be darling, no matter what eye color she ends up with.

  2. i love the announcement! i kind of wish you would say which company you didn't like so i know not to use them! :)

  3. yay yay yay! I love this. The rolls are my favorite!!! xoxo

  4. So adorable. I can't get over her! You make BEAUTIFUL babies jess! :)

  5. It turned out so cute! She is just precious... although I know you already know that ;) AND can't believe she's already over a month old... time has flown!



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