Monday, December 17, 2012

Jet Setting

This pretty girl and I are jet setting to California today!

I can't wait to show her off to my family- I love the holidays. 

Any suggestions for traveling with an infant?

Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck! Till now I wasn't never traveling with my little one!

    Happy Holiday!

  2. ohh she is so gorgeous! have fun in california for the holidays! xx

  3. She's so adorable... I'm sure she'll do great :)


  4. Safe travels. I hope it goes well. We are flying back to Montana Thursday with our 4 month old:) I'm sure she will do great.

  5. I traveled with my son when he was only 2 weeks old. Infants are easy; just feed her on the take off and landing so her ears will continue to pop and even if she doesn't like pacifiers have one on hand so if she falls asleep feeding, you can make her suck on the pacifier. That's the biggest part. And have hand sanitizer for yourself so on the plane you can continually "wash" your hands being in the small airplane compartment. Good luck! You'll be fine. The stewardess told me newborns fly at 2 days old when adopted from other countries so your sweet pea will be fine! That statement made me feel infinitely better!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I am so happy that you get to go home to spend Christmas with family. We missed our families sooo much when we lived in NY; gave me a new appreciation. EBO above has the same suggestions I do. The younger your babe is, the easier it is to travel. :) Be sure to bring a toy or two to dangle in front of her as well, but you already knew that. Upon checking in, ask if there are any extra seats. If there are, you can bring her carseat on with you and strap her in next to you where she can snooze and you can be hands free for a while. I always tried to travel light through the airport. I checked my luggage and just took a well stocked bag and baby on my hip, but that's what worked best for me. Best wishes!!!


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