Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Our first outing.

Yesterday was our first solo day out.

We were out of butter and toilet paper

and you simply cannot live without butter and toilet paper!

I decided it needed to be documented, it's kind of a big deal.

We hit up Costco and CVS and luckily all went smoothly

baby girl was a total gem and never made a peep

and I didn't even need anything from my ridiculously over-packed diaper bag.

I think I am officially a mom now.

Oh and don't worry I rewarded myself with a Diet Coke and candy cane kisses on the way home.


  1. She is seriously just the cutest! So happy things are going so smoothly for you! :)

  2. Congratulations!!! You are a beautiful Momma!! Just catching up on all your posts, love your blogging :) and your diaper bag, where did you find that at??

  3. congratulations--i am doing this tomorrow wish me luck :)

  4. I remember that day! I was so afraid Harper would freak out in public. But it went smoothly too.

    And DC and peppermint kisses are the perfect reward.

    How cute.

  5. McDonalds Diet Coke is maybe the best thing in the entire world (other than sweet newborns, of course). Happy belated birthday!


  6. She is so cute! Gives me baby fever all over again (and I have 3 already...STOP IT!). Happy belated birthday!

  7. So precious! Glad you survived your first outing with your sweet girl. Butter and tp are important enough to pack up the diaper and venture out for.

  8. So glad to hear it went well! Love your sweater! And I just can't get over the beauty that is your little girl!

    P.S.Peppermint Kisses really are the best!


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