Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Erin's Visit

Because I'm spoiled and have obviously done some good deeds in life or something.... I got to have my best friend out from Utah visit for almost a week!


so lucky.

Erin really is the best. I was so glad that she got to meet my beautiful squishy baby and we had a ball tooling around the greater Boston area.

Unfortunately the combination of frigid temperatures and a newborn babe didn't allow me to be the best of hostesses- but I think we had a pretty good time nonetheless!

Her visit included but was not limited to:

lots of "treat" consumption

animal scarf purchasing- thank you Urban Outfitters

eating out (Flatbread Co. has awesome gluten free pizza for anyone interested)

chunky baby mugging

snow storm movie cuddling- you know the kind.

Harvard Square exploring

and a brief jaunt to Beacon Hill- because it was too frigid to do anything else downtown.


  1. The cutest AND most fashionable trio of ladies! xoxo

  2. You are wearing the cutest outifits!! I would love to know where they are ALL from ;)

    1. Oh man, here it goes!
      Pink coat: J. Crew
      Striped leggings: H&M
      Mustard knee socks: gifted
      Nordic mittens: thrifted
      Zebra scarf: UO
      Sienna boots: J. Crew

      Purple Ikat skinnies: sevens via Macey's
      Brown riding boots: Nordstrom

      Yellow coat: Victoria's Secret
      White jumper: LOFT
      Floral skinnies: gifted
      Green wellies: amazon

    2. Oh yeah and the red skirt and sparkle belt is from Anthro and the cardigan is banana republic!

  3. Nonsense! You were the best hostess ever! Such a fun trip :) miss you!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! Both of you girls have such cute outfits!

  5. how have we NOT bumped into each other yet?!

  6. Ok you are so cute! I just found your blog & I'm obsessed. k that sounded creepy.


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