Thursday, January 17, 2013

Family Pictures

There are some yesterday morning, when I start to feel a little sorry for myself

because of really important stuff like mixed up travel dates and missing the husband while he's down at a work conference in 80 degree Florida while I'm stuck up north with 4 inches of snow on the ground.

without him.

earth shattering, I know

that I pause and look around, and see my sweet baby girl asleep in my arms. and my fat little corgi resting his chin on my feet. and my heart starts inflating until I'm positive my chest must be visibly bigger

(which really shouldn't be possible at this juncture of my life)

and I remember just how lucky I am, and can't really feel sorry for myself anymore

so sorry for that bit of cheese, but my hormones are still a little crazy and I can't help myself. 

Happy Thursday!

Here's to two more days till the weekend- and a matter of hours until I can plant a big one on that handsome curly-headed man I married.

We took Veater family New Year's pictures while we were up at the ranch and we were lucky enough to snag a couple of "Marcum" family photos as well.

These are my faves- thought I'd share!

If you couldn't tell...we have a hard time keeping our lips off little miss jelly bean.


  1. These pictures are beautiful. I love so much that you, Erin, and I all have pictures of our babies on that blanket!

  2. you three really are the cutest! i totally love these photos!


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