Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flying in Airplanes with Babies.

Well, we're back from our glorious 3 week vacation in CA!

Besides the fact that Steve could only join us for half the time- it was absolutely perfect. 

Upon picking me up from the airport last Friday Steve asked me about flying with Clara, what went well and what I would do differently.

Upon pondering that question... I decided I'd share it on the blog!

So here it goes, what I learned about flying in airplanes with babies:

Clara was honestly a gem so I feel pretty lucky in general

plus- people are just really so nice.

on every flight I had several people offer

to help carry things for me

give me their food (seriously)

tie my shoes...(yep)

everybody was so kind and I never got the stink eye if she was a little fussy

(that might have been different if she were fussy for more than a couple minutes)

Here are some things to do...and not to do when traveling with your baby:

-Wear a lightweight jacket.

Even though it was FREEZING when I left I wore a lightweight jacket through the airport. It's one less cumbersome thing you have to deal with while carrying your baby through security and fumbling to get your breast milk out of your bag. I was glad it was easy to take my jacket on and off.

-Don't wear a beanie.

Chances are your breastfeeding, post-partum hormonal body will overheat on the plane and you'll want to take it off- then you'll be fumbling around giving your most valiant effort to stuff it in your already over-packed diaper bag while balancing your baby on your knees. Not that that happened to me or anything...

-Bring a baby carrier.

I loved my sollybaby wrap for traveling with Clara. The second I put her in it she's happy as a clam and I could have my arms free to do what I needed. That said, I would still bring a stroller next time- if for nothing else than to carry luggage/car seat through the airport. Also, for whatever reason I had to take Clara out for take off and landing...the airline stewardess even thought it was a silly rule. but there you have it.

-Wear a backpack.

I know a lot of diaper  bags convert into backpacks... mine is not one of them. I transfered my diaper bag into an old backpack and I'm so glad I  did. One less thing you have to worry about carrying.

- Nurse on the plane.

I was too nervous to, so I just fed her bottles I had pumped for her. All I'll say is- I was miserable by the time we made it to our destination. Not worth it.

- Slip on shoes.

This is usually common sense for anyone on a flight...except me apparently. Cue ^ sweet woman who offered to tie my shoes after going through security. I learned my lesson for the return flight!

-Pacifier/nursing for take off and landing.

Take off and landing didn't seem to bother Clara's ears like I thought it would. Sometimes I couldn't get her to take a bottle or a pacifier for one or the other and it didn't seem to make a difference. That said I would feel awful if it did bother her and I didn't try, so I'll still do it the next time around.

I hope this helped! Feel free to email me if you have any more questions! I am by no means an expert but I did learn a thing or two!

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