Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Friday.

Happy Weekend from Clara and Jess!

Some of the highlights of this week included.

-feeling like super mom at Ikea all by ourselves. read: pushing four huge shelves, a large plant and pot, a pillow and several other odds and ends in the shopping cart with the baby's carseat. Oh, and nursing/changing a diaper in a deserted corner of the parking lot. Seriously, super mom.

-getting into a good bedtime routine! This is a big deal. nurse. bath. story. bed. Huzzah!

-Clara successfully sleeping through the night TWO nights in a row! Which is amazing, but somehow it was still hard to wake up this morning? how does that work? Shouldn't my body be praising the high heavens?

-Reading Clara her first book. In a way I feel like I've waited my whole life for that. I don't know that she had any idea what I was doing but we snuggled into the rocking chair and she fell asleep listening to Mommy read The Velveteen Rabbit. It was magical.

-Giving Watson his first walk with Clara and the stroller in tow. He basically pulled us up the hill. Thanks little buddy. (we're still working on the whole "who's walking who" deal.)

-Steve coming home from Florida last night. Hallelujah! 

I hope your week was spectacular- here's to an even better weekend!


  1. Okay, so, how did you do on your own all day AND night with the hubby gone? My guy travels a few nights every week and I've been staying at my parent's place during those times because I'm too nervous to be alone just yet... I know I'm going to have to quit this eventually. Ha.

  2. wow sounds like a great week! and good job on all your accomplishments, going any place with a baby is kind of a big thing :) how is watson with clara? we were worried about our corgi, bruce, because i spoiled him way too much before having our baby but they are friends now!

  3. What a wonderfully happy pictures and I love the mental image of you reading to Clara. So precious.

  4. So, I just found your blog. And I love it. A whole lot.
    You are so cute!!!!!!
    Would love to have you over on my end, too :)
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  5. Aww! I cannot read the Velveteen Rabbit without bawling my eyes out. So sweet!

  6. Girl, congrats on the Ikea trip! I can barely maneuver through that place when I'm alone and trying to buy a single item. Super Mom indeed!

    Also, the part about you waiting your whole life to read your daughter her first book? Yep, you're making me choke up! I hope she loves reading as much as you do! :)

  7. I love when a good bedtime routine is in place! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  8. You are supermama! Those early months will definitely test those superpowers:-) xoxo


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