Thursday, January 24, 2013

on january blues.

 the January blues?

you know the ones.

they come when you take down the twinkle lights and your Christmas tree is laying down bare on the sidewalk and it's freezing cold and you're cooped up inside and you wonder what the point of this month is anyway??

yeah those.

well, I kind of hate them 

so in order to do my best at combatting them and stay positive I did what any self-respecting woman would do.

I re-decorated!

We made a small IKEA budget (because you always need a budget when IKEA is involved)

and I went to town

rearranging and sprucing up the place

and I have to say- I'm very pleased with the results!

Take that "January Blues"

along with rearranging the furniture I purchased:

"Lack" shelves

1 small white pot

a rug for under the kitchen table

a fig leaf plant and pot

1 faux sheepskin

and a large black and white floral pillow

all for under $200

go me!


  1. I love your sense of style, it is lovely!

  2. This is amazing, nice work! Makes it look so different definately what you need to power through January. Love your blog! xxxxxx

  3. i love it! i noticed the shelves in a previous post, really nice touch! and love your corgi hanging out! :)

  4. The re-decorating bug has hit me too! Would you mind me asking where you got the chevron rug under your coffee table?

  5. I know EXACTLY what you mean by the winter blues. Want to come redecorate my house? I love your style. :) Being inside so much this winter is driving me bonkers too, mostly because I see all the things that need to be cleaned and reorganized. Grrr... Hope spring comes soon for all of us!

  6. are your shelves the $5 from ikea? i'm trying to add more shelving in my closet...and not sure which ones to get!

    1. Cate- no, these are the "lack" shelves from Ikea! I wish they were $5 though! I wouldn't recommend them for a closet because they aren't supposed to hold a lot of weight!


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