Wednesday, February 06, 2013

3 months

My sweet little lady is 3 months old!!

How did I let this happen? 

Wasn't I supposed to invent some sort of time stalling device by this point?

in my mind, I know it keeps getting better at every stage....but I still can't shake the feeling that things are just going TOO FAST. Is this a mom thing? Similar feelings anyone? Am I crazy?

I digress.

at 3 months Clara...

-is still campaigning for "fist over pacifier" fervently- but she will not prevail! I will not give in! No thumb suckers in this house...too many germs (germaphobe) 

-sleeps 8 hours straight more often than not- and sometimes even makes it 10 hours! Que hallelujah chorus.

-smiles all day long. She literally just waits for you to look at her then flashes the widest grin! Gosh she's easy to love!

-finds Watson absolutely hilarious. We have him jump up in the air in front of her and she never fails to give the cutest little chuckle. It's the best thing ever.

-keeps packing on the pounds! You guys, the thigh rolls, I can't even....She's about the same size as my friend's 11 month old...and that's saying something! Ha!

-has started to really grab on to things! Her favorites are her silver baby rattle and my hair respectively.

-loves to talk! I have a feeling she's going to be a little chatter box. Our favorite thing is to sit down and prop her up on my knees in front of me. We'll just talk to each other for at least twenty minutes at a time! 

-has started to blow spit bubbles...I recognize this is only cute because she's my offspring.

-loves reading books with me before bedtime, it's our time together.

-loves her Daddy! The minute she hears his voice come through the door she's looking for him and smiling. So sweet.

-still sucks on her bottom lip.

-looks just like her Dad. Right down to her "critical face" she makes that looks just like his. I'm thinking the Marcum genes won out on this one! Except for the dark hair...and possibly the eye shape. I'm claiming those as my own!

-still cuddles with me and loves falling asleep in my arms. Do you think she will possibly do that the rest of her life? I'd be down.

-loves me to lift her up in the air to "fly". Don't worry, I'm careful.

-has officially given us her first belly laugh. I was "eating" her tummy last weekend after her bath and she all the sudden lets out the cutest little belly laugh. I died on the floor.

Oh Clara, you darling girl. What good deeds did I do in this life to deserve you?

In a line up of all the girls in the world, I would choose you. every time.


  1. Wow she is darling! I just love her more and more with every picture that I see and with everything that I learn about her. Can't wait to meet here later this month!

  2. so adorable! there is nothing cuter than a baby laughing!

  3. Oh Jess she is so perfect! Those thighs ARE amazing! And how great that she is so smiley and sweet :)

  4. Omg, she is adorable! Those cheeks! And it's so true - time goes by WAY too fast! Our little girl will be three weeks on Monday and I already want time to slow down.

  5. She is so darling. I mean seriously. Aren't chubby babies the cutest?!

  6. That first picture is a riot! What a cute chubby baby you're making, mama. :) And no fair she's sleeping 8 hours straight. I'm still up with mine once a night around 3AM... but it's better than the two or three times we were doing just a few weeks ago so I'll take it. And I swear they grow up even faster the second time around. Whew! Quit blinking, right?

  7. Look at her. She honestly looks like an angel. Congrats to you and your husband. BISOUS.


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