Thursday, February 28, 2013

a day in the life.

Tuesday morning I woke up and decided I wanted to document what a normal day looks like for me. I saw my sister-in-law do something similar once- I think it'll be fun to look back on someday.

so here it goes.

a typical day for Jessica Holly Marcum. February 2013.

7:00 am Mom wakes up to the sound of Clara's soft cries from the nursery.

after nursing we come back to Mommy's bed for our morning snuggle/nap time. this is sacred.

we wake up from our nap and nurse again- bed head to match.

time for a clean diaper and a change of clothes

Clara plays with her forest friends while Mom takes a shower

Clara takes another nap, Mom takes Watson out for a quick walk and fills his food dish.

Mom puts away Clara's clothes from the UT trip- Clara's in a milk coma.

Clara and Mom get ready and take off for the day's errands

Mom stops on the way to pick up her McDonald's Diet Coke. Guilty pleasure.

all the old ladies ooo and aww at Clara in Trader Joe's.

Mom drops off a belated birthday gift (oops) for Clara's cousin at the Post Office.

Clara hangs out in her wrap while Mom puts away the groceries. Watson watches anxiously for any scraps to drop. clearly this happens often when Mom is in the kitchen.

Clara and Mom finish watching the Oscars while Mom folds the laundry and snacks on black licorice. 

Clara gets caught sucking on her fingers for the umpteenth time today.

Mom finds Watson hiding under the bed. Weirdo.

Mom makes steak salad for dinner.

Dad comes home. Watson, like every night Dad comes home, goes bizerk.

We eat said dinner, Clara is glad to see her Daddy too.

Mom gives Clara her bath- she loves it.

Clara gets a clean diaper, a little bedtime lotion, clean pajamas, a tight swaddle and the second chapter of Anne of Green Gables.

time for bed. goodnight.

hope you enjoyed this little peek into our life. it's pretty quiet, but I wouldn't change a thing.


  1. You make me miss those quiet days with just one tiny baby. So glad you're soaking it up!

  2. Very fun! Wouldn't it be interesting to do this like once a month or once a year on the same day and see how they compare year to year?

    1. Yes.... I may just have to steal your idea!!

  3. So insanely sweet! It's a little less quiet over here these days, but still just as sweet!:-) Love watching miss C grow, grow, grow! xoxo

  4. enjoyed this :) you guys are so cute together

  5. I love it. Seem similar to my days except I can't run as many errands with Leah anymore ;)

  6. This is so sweet, Jess. That pic you bathing her? That will be one treasured for forever!

  7. What a precious family!



    i just love you. for so many reasons. like i love how you love your diet coke. and that you snack on licorice. i love how awesome you look for having had a baby just a few months ago. i adore that you read baby anne of green gables. i love the simple bath in the sink.

    thanks for this lovely peek into your day. you are doing such an awesome job as a mommy!


    1. This comment may have just teared me up! Thank you Nicole- you're so sweet!

  9. she loves you soo much already! <3

  10. What a beautiful little life you have.

  11. What a beautiful idea!

    P.S. I love that the love for Anne Shirley is starting early! You are such a great mom ;)

  12. :o) I LOVE day in the life posts! And what a great day this was! She just seems like a pleasant baby :o) Loved all of the pictures too - so sweet!


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