Tuesday, February 05, 2013

glitter clips

Ladies and Gentlemen- welcome to the easiest DIY project ever.

I kept seeing these cute glitter barrets around the web-  but didn't want to fork out $20 for something I could easily do myself!

Enter: "easiest DIY ever"

I'm almost embarrassed to share it. but I will- because I love ya

Just gather up some of the hair pins/ barrets that you have lying around, some fun nail polish, glitter, hot glue and any embellishments you'd like to use (I cut out some felt)!

The best part is- I had all of these things on hand. Any project that doesn't include a trip to Michaels is A OK in my book!


  1. i love those. that is awesome. too bad i dont just have glitter or felt lying around, but i still need to try soon!

  2. Thanks for sharing, such an easy diy!

  3. all right cute mama, I'm going to do some too! Love the glitter clips!

  4. yay! this, ALL of this, is adorable! I'm totally gonna bust out the glitter tonight! xoxo


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