Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Monday

Dear friends,

Mondays are most usually pretty disappointing- boring days. You can't blame them...I mean really- how would you like to compete with the weekend? They've really never had a chance. BUT this particular Monday I'm in Park City Utah with almost all of my favorite people (besides Steve who is! So this Monday is a good, happy, exciting Monday for me. I hate to rub it in for all of you stuck with boring Mondays, so I'm leaving you with possibly the cutest video ever. To, you know, brighten up your day. Queue: Clara finding Watson hilarious.


love, jess

IMG 2927 from Love Jess on Vimeo.


  1. arwww. this is really really cute.

  2. another thing...
    i am doing a blog-representation on my blog and it would be such an honor for me if you leave a comment and be a part of this... <3
    everybody is wolcome to join the fun! <3


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