Thursday, February 07, 2013

Mommy Style

So while I was pregnant I did a sort of pregnancy "fashion tips" post

and I thought I'd do the same for a nursing mom!

Here it goes.

*disclaimer- I'm no fashion blogger...don't judge too harshly.

first: things I used to wear but now cannot.

- dresses. I guess it makes sense but unless they are super stretchy up top dresses are kind of out of the picture for the next year of my life. Too impractical. You'd pretty much have to strip down to your skivvies every few hours. worth it? Probably not.

- any kind of tight top without give. It needs to be able to pull up or pull down- if not? See ya next year.

Other than that- the options are endless! Pencil skirts! Skinny jeans! Yay! And believe me, after pregnancy, you'll be happy to get your dirty little paws on anything that fits your waist!

second: my day to day mommy uniform.

essentials: skinny jeans and some kind of stretchy top.

I'm all about flats but it's frigid here

I like to wear some kind of cardigan or light sweater because if I have to nurse in public it makes sure my back is covered.

if I'm going out I like a good structured jacket and chunky scarf- more for flattering purposes than practicality.

top knot... let's be honest I shower every day hair gets washed twice a week if I'm lucky. if it's not in a top knot, it's usually under a beanie or baseball cap.

dry shampoo and bright lipstick are my mommy lifesavers. amen.


  1. Well, you look great, first of all. Even as a Non-Mom I rarely wash my hair, so don't worry! :)

  2. this outfit is so so cute. you are adorable.


  3. Amen! This is what I wear everyday too! So long dresses and tighter tops for now... Where did you get your grey top? I need more!

  4. You look cute but then again you always do. I just discovered dry shampoo a few weeks ago and think it's the best invention ever.

  5. Girl, do I love your blog! Amen to it all. Dry shampoo is my best friend. There are some things I can't wait to wear again! I finally got sick of wearing skirts and wore a dress to church last week. Haha At least I only had to nurse once, and that was in the women's nursing lounge so it ended up okay.

    Please tell us, how did you do your top knot? I'm always looking for easy ways to do my hair.

  6. I'm a new Mom also and found that dresses you can wear are of the "Wrap" variety :-) So you can still get your feminine frills on if you wish. Love the post-preg fashion tips!

  7. Going to be a mom soon and this post is definitely helpful! Hopefully I can find some stretchy top dresses because I live in dresses during the summer!


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