Monday, February 11, 2013


Dear family and friends,

We are doing fine. Winter storm"Nemo" was pretty fun actually. I even reverted back to the 7th grade and dared Steve to make a snow angel in his boxers. in the middle of the blizzard. oh and i took some blurry pictures to document the occasion (I was laughing pretty hard) from out the second floor window of our apartment. Good times!
It was definitely A LOT of snow. I think it ended up being about 4-5 feet where we were- pretty much overnight. We kept our power though and the family Marcum stayed nice and cozy. 
I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend! Now, I will bid you adieu  I've been inside for 36 hours straight and my cabin fever is setting in- so off to lunch it is! 

love, Jess


  1. Hahah this is great! Glad ya'll stayed safe and warm. Enjoy your day out! :)

  2. hahaaha these are hilarious. you two seem like a fun couple to hang out with. what is a snow storm if not to have fun in.

  3. Hahaha, this is too funny! And Steve is such a sport! Looks like you guys definitely made the best of it :)



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