Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Utah Highlights

As you already know, little miss Clara and I spent the whole of last week in Utah!

We were visiting my family who live in CA but were visiting UT too...

Some of the highlights of the trip include, but are not limited to:

shoestring fries at Sliders (you will never know how much I miss those little bistols)

going to the temple with my little brother for the first time

seeing my little sister all lovey-dovey with her fiance

going with said sister to try on wedding dresses (dress pictured is not "the" dress, also I got in trouble for taking the picture- so because I'm ornery, it's going on the internet)

making said sister blush hard core at her bridal shower

celebrating said sister's birthday

(are we seeing a trend here???)

hanging out with my dearest friends whom I miss tremendously

parading Clara around in her new fur vest she got to match Grandma

precious family time I can never have enough of

and Clara meeting Scott- her future husband. It was a sort of Prince Philip meets Aurora kind of experience. ;)

(I'm sorry you're blurry Georgie!)

^^ this may be one of my favorite pictures ever. ^^


  1. Your sister is glowing!! That pink beanie of Clara's is the cutest!!

  2. I am in love with this. Amazing people, the whole lot of ya :)

  3. Seriously, she is the cutest thing ever! The grandma pictures are my favorite. :) So glad you had fun here in Utah!
    - Candice

  4. you look soo happy with your friends!! <3

  5. What a fun trip and exciting time in your sister's life, therefore exciting time in your life! And Clara is so rolly!!! Can Levi maybe be Prince charming? Jk

    Also wondering how you typically edit your photos. I like the matte look.

    1. Thanks Jessie! I use some vintage photoshop actions that I bought from Mandi at the blog "Making Nice in the Midwest"!!

    2. Oh and we're taking all Prince Charming applications over here. I'm a total believer in arranged marriages ;-)

  6. you and your little lady are *glowing* in that first picture! I'm glad you had a good trip! xx

  7. These pictures are all so beautiful, you can feel the love and joy emanating out of them! Congrats to your little sister - she looks stunning in the 'not' dress :) And Clara absolute rocks that little fur dress!



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