Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Pt. 1

Notice "part 1"

Steve and I decided to celebrate this years holiday of love the way I like to celebrate all holidays. Why celebrate a holiday for one day when you can celebrate it for two days?


We started it out right with homemade crepes of the nutella/strawberry/banana variety made by moi. There are unfortunately no pictures of said crepes...6:00 am is far too early to be thinking about a camera. The crepes were followed by red roses delivered to my doorstep from my man, lots of mugging on a certain chubby cupid we and an extra valentinesy dinner that night. and yes those are strawberries you see on that pizza!

any excuse to wear pink and celebrate love is A OK in my book.

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  1. That pizza is awesome! I would have never ever thought of adding fruit to a pizza, but it looks oddly delicious :) The crepes sound amazing too!



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