Wednesday, March 06, 2013

4 months

Miss Clara Rose Marcum is four months old. Shut the front door. 

At four months old Clara...

-has mastered her Dad's "critical face"- as pictured below.

-loves to smile at old women in the grocery store- and pretty much anyone who'll give her a wide grin back.

-loves her play gym aka "forest friends" that her Grandma Marcum gave her for Christmas.

-thinks Watson is fascinating

-loves Dad to rub her feet on his whiskers and most often gives a little belly laugh to show her delight.

-is a CHUNK. You guys, she's just the squishiest. It takes all the restraint I posses not to squeeze and mug on  her all. day. long.

-scrunches her nose up something fierce when she gets really excited. Just kill me dead.

-has the brightest, most piercing blue eyes.

-"plays" with toys now! She loves to grab on to her rattle and her little owl and shake/suck on them.

-still loves her first two fingers, much to my dismay.

-is 17.5 pounds according to our scale at home. 

-has the sweetest little dimples on her knuckles, I must kiss them every time I glance at her hands.

-loves holding hands. If she's fussy (which is pretty rare) sometimes all I have to do is give her one of my fingers to hold and she'll calm right down. It's very sweet.

-loves to fold her hands and rest them on her little belly. It cracks me up.

-still loves her bath! I think she's going to be a little fish.

-loves her daddy. She'll talk and talk and talk to him like nobody's business.

-holds her head up like a champ! I can even carry her around on my hip now.

-loves standing up. I love it too because I'm able to see the full scope of her chubby thighs. yummy.

-has been sleeping for 10 hrs at night consistently. I know, I'm the luckiest.

-loves loves LOVES to snuggle. 

-captures the heart of pretty much everyone she meets. 

-loves looking at herself in the mirror.

-has made her parents the two luckiest people alive.

Oh Clara how I love you so. Perhaps you'll never know just how deep my love for you goes. I feel it in every fiber of my being. You've made me so happy. I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to be your mom.


  1. oh how i love chunky babies. she's precious!

  2. Those fat hand dimples get me every time too! Way to capture the little things.

  3. She is too much! I can not handle it! Happy 4 Months!!! xoxo

  4. She is the cutest thing I have ever seen! She's lucky to have a mommy and daddy that adore her so much!


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